Mosquito Trap LED Light Lamp, Insect Repeller

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      FEATURES :

  •  Place the mosquito killer lamp in an open space 0.8-1.2 m above the ground. 
  • People should not be close to the mosquito killer lamp, because people are more attracted to mosquitoes than this device.
  • When the mosquito killer lamp is working, turn off other light sources in the room, the darker the light, the better.
  • Please do not put the mosquito killer in the air outlet or the position where the fan is blown. Because the mosquito is attracted by the UV LED light, it will be inhaled by the fan when it is close to the mosquito killer lamp. If the airflow changes, the mosquito will not be inhaled.
  • This physical mosquito killer is different from chemical mosquito repellent products,cannot kill mosquitoes right away after turn on it.Please turn on it at least 3hours before going to bed.
  • Do not open the window or door when using the mosquito killer.  This will prevent outdoor mosquitoes from coming in again.


         How Does It Work?

    1.Emits 368nm mosquito-loving wavelength, reacts with the photocatalyst to release carbon dioxide and produce airflow. Attracts mosquito and flies from any direction. 2.The fan rotates in a high speed to create currents so that mosquito comes with the current. Once the mosquito is approaching, it will be sucked into the mosquito tray by a strong vortex. 3.When the mosquito is sucked into the mosquito tray, it is difficult for the mosquito to escape. It has been trapped by the strong vortex into the mosquito tray. The fan keeps rotating and make the mosquito dehydrated and died.


    • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and all European Union Countries.

    • Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.


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